Have you noticed all the construction in Brockville?

Have you noticed all of the cranes in the Brockville skyline and construction projects around town? His Worship, Mayor Jason Baker recently reported at his Mayor’s breakfast that 238 building permits have been issued with an estimated construction value of $44,415,994!

Some of these projects are:

  1. Brockville General Hospital expansion.
  2. Royal Brock Retirement Home expansion.
  3. North end hotel under construction.
  4. South end hotel under construction.
  5. Another hotel in the planning stages.
  6. Wall Street village is nearing completion.
  7.  7 new commercial projects in 2018.
  8. Starbucks, Popeyes Chicken and Wendy’s.
  9. Planet Fitness.
  10. Exit Realty.
  11.  Rob Thompson’s future King Street Projects.
  12. New elementary school for UCDSB.
  13. Final Phase of Wildwood subdivision.
  14. Bridlewood subdivision growth.
  15. Centre Street subdivision growth.
  16. Oxford Avenue Subdivision Growth
  17. Canarm Expansion
  18. New construction at former Dave Jones Building

Check you the full Mayor’s address on YouTube here.

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