Custom Home Design

We provide custom home design and engineering. All of our projects come fully 3D Modelled to allow you to visualize your dream home before you build it. The more planning you do before construction the more money you will save. 3D Modelling will enable your design team to determine constructability, detailed cost estimating and interior design. By saving time during construction and on site your project will be built faster and cheaper.

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Constructibility Modelling

We are able to produce detailed 3D models that allow our engineers and designers find construction issues before construction starts. This saves time and money on site as your contractor’s schedule won’t be delayed. The 3D can be viewed on a computer or smart phone to assistin the construction of your home.

Canteen and tower modeled after the now demolished Holy Trinity Church

Detailed Estimating

With a detailed 3D model we can produce materials estimating and detailed construction cost estimating. This will allow your contractor to order the precise materials needed and estimate the project accurately. An accurate estimate will take the uncertainty and save you money on your project.

Interior Design

With the 3D model you can pick your interior finishes and visualize what your space will look like when it’s complete. You can pick paint colours, appliances and everything else. We can share our model with your preferred interior designer to allow them put together a truly stunning finished product. These designs can then be rendered with the newest graphics engines to produce photo-realistic images of the final product.