We are LG Approved

We are pleased to announce that IN Engineering is now an LG Approved Professional. LG Approved ensures the quality, integrity and consistency of local professionals in the Leeds and Grenville area.

Being a member of the LG Approved Professional program will demonstrate our commitment to producing quality engineering services to our clients. This program also gives us access to other approved contractors and professionals in the area to ensure when we make a recommendation on a builder, framer or even an electrician we are choosing the best the community has to offer.


  1. […] We are LG Approved […]

  2. […] Once your building permit is reviewed and approved you are ready for construction. If you are hiring a contractor be sure to hire a qualified professional, if you need help check out the contractors available from LG Approved.  […]

  3. […] require assistance in finding qualified professionals. In Eastern Ontario be sure to consult with LG Approved for a list of professionals for your building […]


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