Structural Damage from Ottawa Tornadoes

Part of our mission statement is to help and support the community. IN Engineering was contacted by Arbuckle Construction Ltd. to perform structural inspections on damaged properties in the Arlington Woods Area of Nepean. Arbuckle Construction assisted with tarping and reinforcing damaged roofs immediately following the storm to prevent further damage from rainwater. Now they are moving on to helping their nieghbours rebuild.

The damage to this area was mostly caused by large trees coming down during the tornadoes on September 21, 2018. Damage to houses was in the upper levels and roofs of the trusses. A lot of trusses are broken and most roofs are going to require a complete replacement.

After performing our inspections of the properties it is amazing that no one was hurt. It’s also amazing to see an entire neighbourhood be stripped of all their trees. Arlington woods once prided itself in having large trees and a canopy over the subdivision.

The damage will be repaired and the trees will grow back. The important part is that everyone is safe and reconstruction efforts are underway.

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