Structural Engineering

We are a fully licensed engineering firm that holds a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario. We are also carry liability insurance.


  • Planning, design, engineering and drafting.
  • Structural inspections of foundations, existing and new construction.
  • Building permit applications and drawings.
  • Structural analysis and design specializing in steel, concrete, wood, timber, and masonry.
  • Building code inspections and reviews.
  • Stamped engineer’s letters.
  • Structural review of architectural drawings.
structural engineer construction inspections

Do I Need Construction Inspections?

During the construction of your project you will require inspections from a Professional Engineer and/or an Architect. These inspections are required under the Ontario Building Code and Professional Engineer’s Act in order to ensure the performance and quality of the construction. Don’t skip this important step!
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timber construction engineering

Reducing Greenhouse Gases in the Engineering Industry

Recently the Ontario Provincial Government announced they are making cuts to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s office and has come out with a less than enthusiastic environmental policy. Silencing the environmental critic isn’t going to change the fact that we have to do something about Climate Change. Since the Ontario government isn’t going to take responsibility for our environment it falls on our businesses to take up the challenge. That got us thinking, what can engineers do to reduce green house gases, especially in the construction industry? We designed a small concrete, steel and wood beam. We then calculated the CO2 emissions of each beam – the results may not be surprising but it does demonstrate the impact engineers can have on green house gases.
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precast concrete blocks retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls over 1 meter or 3 feet are considered designated structures in the Ontario Building Code. This means they require a structural engineer to design it as well as a subsurface soil investigation by a geotechnical engineer. Having these structures properly designed ensures safety for the owner and public.
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tornado damage engineering inspection

Structural Damage from Ottawa Tornadoes

Part of our mission statement is to help and support the community. IN Engineering was contacted by Arbuckle Construction Ltd. to perform structural inspections on damaged properties in the Arlington Woods Area of Nepean
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sketchup photo match for historical recreation

Coal Shoal Lighthouse Reconstruction

IN Engineering has offered professional engineering services to help with the reconstruction of the Coal Shoal Lighthouse that burnt down earlier this year. We are excited to use our expertise with this exciting historical project.
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