Structural Inspections

If there is something around your property that you are concerned about then it is time for a structural inspection from a qualified professional engineer. Whether it is wood, masonry, concrete or steel, we will inspect, report and make recommendations on repairs. We have performed many structural inspections on all types of construction and building size.

Foundation Inspections

One of the most important aspects of a structure is the foundation. Many problems can arise in a foundation including leaks, large cracks, and settlement. If you have cracks greater than 3mm then that could be a sign of a severe problem. Continuous and long cracks could be a sign of foundation settlement which will compromise the rest of the structure. If you suspect the crack goes through the footing (the strip of concrete under your foundation wall) then repairs may be immediately required. Most foundations are constructed from concrete, or stone, but if you have a wood foundation regular inspections should be considered.

Beam and Column Inspections

If you are doing a renovation and have exposed the beams and columns of the structure, this would be a good time to do a quick structural inspection to make sure everything is framed properly. These quick and inexpensive inspections will ensure that your primary structure is supporting the loads properly.

Balconies and Deck Inspections

Balconies and decks are exposed to weather and require regular maintenance more often. If you suspect there may be a problem with a balcony or a deck then it’s time for a structural inspection. You should also consider regular inspections every few years.

Retaining Wall Inspections

If you have a retaining wall that is leaning, sliding, or damaged then it is time to have it inspected. Retaining walls pose a serious risk to safety and need to be properly designed.

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