Mass Timber Engineering

Timber Frames, Glulam, Cross-Laminated-Timber

We have a passion for engineering with wood products including sawn lumber, timber and engineered wood products.

We provide timber engineering for all wood and engineered wood products.

We believe the wood products are the material of the future (and also the past) due to it being renewable and sustainable. We recognize the importance of pursuing a future with wood construction.

Our structural engineer is experienced with designing to the Canadian Wood Council’s Wood Design Manual and can provided engineered solutions for any wood product. Specifically, timber framing requires an engineer’s input weather a Part 4 or Part 9 building.

If you require structural engineering for timber framing then contact us for your free quote.

five mile light house engineering 1000 islands

Five Mile Lighthouse Fundraising Campaign

Andrew is a local engineer and I can’t overstate how valuable his assistance has been. The plans, the specifications and design for the rebuild, including the 3D images on the screen, all the result of Andrew’s volunteer efforts.” – Senator Bob Runciman, February 15, 2019. We are pleased to help our community with the rebuild efforts of the Five Mile Light in the St. Lawrence River that burnt down last year. To donate to this project visit
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structural engineer construction inspections

Do I Need Construction Inspections?

During the construction of your project you will require inspections from a Professional Engineer and/or an Architect. These inspections are required under the Ontario Building Code and Professional Engineer’s Act in order to ensure the performance and quality of the construction. Don’t skip this important step!
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sketchup photo match for historical recreation

Coal Shoal Lighthouse Reconstruction

IN Engineering has offered professional engineering services to help with the reconstruction of the Coal Shoal Lighthouse that burnt down earlier this year. We are excited to use our expertise with this exciting historical project.
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